Philippines customer visit Tongda organic fertilizer production line

The above video is our Philippines customer visiting Tongda 3-5t/h organic fertilizer production line machines.

Generally, organic fertilizer production process is to make your organic waste into organic fertilizer, which is very beneficial to your cops and plants. Tongda small organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment is suitable for small sugar factory, big farms with cow and chicken, industrial factory. Tongda machines can perfectly process your organic waste into your own fertilizer.

Tongda organiuc fertilizer production line

What materials can this organic fertilizer production line process?

  • The agricultural waste: straw, rice, soya bean, etc.
  • Industrial waste: alcohol residue, sugar residue, vinegar residue, etc.
  • Animal manure: the chicken manure, cow dung, sheep, etc.
  • Others: sewage sludge, food waste and so on.

Great features you can enjoy from Tongda organic fertilizer production machines

  1. Easy operation and maintenance
  2. Good after-sale service. There is one year for free maintenance, if your machine has any problems in quality
  3. Low consumption and free polution 
  4. Factory quotation & high-quality

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If you have any interesting to Tongda samll scale fertilizer production line, please let us know in time. Our sales manager will provide you the latest information.

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