15*6m sifter screening bucket is being made

What is rotary drum screening machine?

Drum screening machine principally is made out of engine, decrease adapt, drum, body and other components.The engine through decrease, by means of drum to drive the screening machine moving round the roller, after material go into screening machine, with the point and moving of the screening machine, the qualifity item will out from gap of screening, and unfit will out from the base of screening machine.rotary screening machine is normally utilized compost generation hardware utilized with manure granulation machine,which is essentially for items and materials back to the division yet additionally to accomplish the completed review, make the item even grouping utilizing particular screen, simplicity of upkeep and Replacement of the air ship structure Is basic, advantageous activity, a smooth task.

Tongda rotary drum screening machine

Highlights of Tongda fertilizer sifetr machine 

1.the rotating screening machine has Low utilization: high productivity, low clamor and vitality sparing;

2.the rotating screening machine has High exactness of screening: 1-4 layes screen to pick;

3.Environmental insurance: great fixed;

4.Long administration lifetime: replaceable screen

5.Adopt screen brush as per your functional circumstance.

6.Fine powders,particle, fluid all can pass it and don't square .

7.the revolving screening machine are accessible in various setup like single drum

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