New Type Horizontal Fertilizer Mixing Machine

Tongda superior modern fertilizer blenders (HPM) are a line of twofold rotor blenders redid explicitly for the fertilizer business. Utilize our Double rotors for quick blending and process durations (commonly one moment), and in these bigger sizes, they are better for end to end transportation of minors, including fluid, and container plan.

Side sections bolster the blender and the containers dangle from the blender. Containers more than 5000 lb. (2400 kg) needed additional help. There is no powerful load.

Machines will have additional stature and capacity to include funnels for including fluid. We can supply fluid frameworks. Every single Sealed bearing – don't oil. Rotor seals are a pressing organ, spring stacked with spotless spring washers to keep spills from beginning. Seals dependably come up short while underway, so having the capacity to complete a handy solution without dismantling the machine, is a major favorable position. They can groove the pole which is repairable or avoided with a sleeve. Solidified shaft sleeves are accessible.

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